How to activate same Whatsapp account on multiple phones

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The way you run WhatsApp the same number on two phones

How to activate same Whatsapp account on multiple phones

You may need days to use two phones as is the status of many users, something which may require you to run the same as your favorite applications on all of them. At the same time, there is no preferred to use an application WhatsApp number is different from that figure the president the most popular among friends and family and close associates.

There is no direct way to run a WhatsApp application on two phones and activate it with the same number or one number, we know that one of them will stop working once the application is activated on the second phone. Except in one status we have noted, we unify Mac Address number for both phones camouflage and deceive WhatsApp Bank servers use one phone.


Although the latter method is very difficult to implement and requires an experienced user. But it is the only one working on this and without it to find other ways except that we will refer to it here.

Run WhatsApp the same number on two phones

  • The method is common among many, but it may not be your own mind, especially as it depends on the famous service WhatsApp Web.

What you need to do first is to update the version of the WhatsApp application on your phone or download the latest version available.

  • And then go to the second phone and into the Internet browser “Chrome, Firefox, Internet. Edge “and access to the service page WhatsApp Web to show you the main WhatsApp plus site.

Work through your browser settings to view this page copy desktop “View Desktop site” to show you sync “QR code” between this phone and the application of WhatsApp on your phone first,

  • From the WhatsApp application settings on the main phone, select WhatsApp Web and clear the code that appears on your second phone screen.
  • You will find that you can use the app on the second phone now and do all the tasks. In order to not lose this page on your second phone so that you can access the application quickly, save a copy of the WhatsApp on the desktop “main phone screen” by clicking the setup button through the browser and choose Add to home screen.

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