How to convert WhatsApp voice messages into text

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Method of converting voice WhatsApp messages into readable text

For reasons that may be one of them, you do not want people near you to hear the content of the voice messages you received on the WhatsApp application or for other documentary reasons, you will find that the option to convert the voice message to written and readable text is one of the technical solutions provided by external applications.

Method of converting voice WhatsApp messages into readable text:

The Transcriber for WhatsApp application is characterized by its professional support of English and the chat of English audio into a text that is widely accepted and your experience with the application is Limit in this matter.

The application is available on the Google Store for free and on the following link, or if you do not find it available in your country, you can download from one of the external stores, which we offer one link here also.

For download from Google Store

  The application after you install it does not need to those skill in dealing, but you do not have to choose the English language from the list of numbers or the language that I used to receive voice messages by “Language in use” is as pictured here:

Whatsapp plus for iphone


When you exit the Transcriber for WhatsApp application and where the voice message you received on the WhatsApp is, click on it and choose “Share” from the top bar.

How to save or convert WhatsApp Conversation as a text file

You will find that the Transcriber application is part of the sharing options. Just select it and wait for it to convert the voice within the message to readable text in the language you prefer.


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