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October 23, 2019
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Download OGWhatsApp 2018 program to run two numbers WhatsApp

Download the OGWhatsApp application: Brief About the program:

OGWhatsApp 2018OGWhatsApp” is a popular program known to users of Android and iPhone and was launched after increasing the popularity and spread of the program WhatsApp is used to allow the run of two numbers on a mobile device or a single mobile This feature does not exist on the official application and needs many users of Android and iPhone and Windows IPhone to have more than one SIM card

OGWhatsApp apk 2018 has the same logo or logo as the old whatsapp , or the letters “OG”. These letters indicate that the application works and has the use and function of  two SIM  as most users of Android The iPhone will run two mobile numbers on one mobile without the need for another mobile phone. This is the latest version of the application version

OGwhatsapp 2018  to use the two number  works without using the “Root” to work for two digits whatsapp and it is working automatically on Android, iPhone and Windows iPhone and  after the completion of the installation successfully on your mobile device

What is the OGWhatsapp and what is the difference between it and the original whatsapp:

Shortly, OG WhatSapp is a modified application from the original Whatsapp application to give users more new features and Characteristics away from the limitations of the developers of these applications .Where to enjoy modified whatsapp latest version has many great features, It will make you want to replace your original whatsapp program

The application of OGWhatsapp for Android is very popular, especially after users have always searched for way to run two number activation and whatsapp to the same device where Og Whatsapp can work Whatsapp on your phone even if you already have an account and you can also download Whatsapp Plus or any Another version of Whatsapp to run an infinite number of whatsapp accounts on your Android device

OgWhatsapp supports fully customizable interface so you can change the colors of the interfaces and backgrounds of chats and the possibility to change the color icon of the program as you want, if you want to download the program og whatsapp and register the latest free version of the direct link, you can get it easily through the download links directly to the program from Below article you can also visit the official website of Og Whatsapp 2017 for the latest versions of the program and you can see some features and a quick explanation of the application of Og Whatsapp

Download Og whatsapp: Explain installation and the run:

The application installation process is summarized in several simple steps: Step 1: If you want to keep the old messages that you have on the old whatsapp, you need to whatsapp the basic application and then enter the “settings” and select “Chat Settings” and save “backup conversations” of all data including messages

Installation Steps

Step 2: After making a backup copy of the old whatsapp, wipe the application or delete all data from the application settings.

Installation Steps 2

Step 3: After the completion of the second step, you must download or download the program Ogwhatsapp to run two numbers on the mobile version and after the completion of the download  the application Open the application “ogwhatsapp messenger” and then click to copy the data and then enter the mobile number  you want to work In the end, click on Restore all data that has been backed up before

.Installation Steps 3

(If you want to install more than two digits whatsapp a mobile phone, perform the same installation steps)

Download OGwhatsapp: Features:

Activation of two numbers whatsapp: In the previous days many users of the official application were suffering from not using more than one number on one phone, but now you can use and activate two numbers on one phone at the same time.

Do not need to “Root”: The program works without the need for root work like other applications that have to run before the root but with this application does not need to ROOT.

“.Free”: Some chat programs and messenger works for a free or fees for download, but you can download the application “OGWhatsApp apk” free of charge and the latest version.

Retention of messages: The application helps you keep all chat messages between you and your friends and make a backup copy for reference at any time.

“.ART” is available: “ART” provides you with the functionality of this system, and this system has been run and tested before and has proved to be successful on mobile systems.

Other modified whatsapp versions for Android phones:

There are many modified versions of the official Whatsapp application and these versions contain powerful updates and great features that compete with the application of OgWhatsapp, here are the most important applications modified from Whatsapp.

whatsapp Plus apk  Blue: Of course this is the most popular version and has achieved a very large number of uploads of the Near To 50 million downloads, and this application continues to develop significantly with each new update of Whatsapp and you can download it for free from here

Whatsapp plus Gold: Whatsapp Gold is one of the most famous copies, and it is very popular due to its accuracy, free advertising, great features and you can download Whatsapp Gold free from here

GBWhatsapp download is a close-up version of the format and performance of the original version of the program but with additional tools such as the ability to hide the read receipts and second tick, hide the view status , etc., and you can download the version of GB whatsapp for free here

Sbwhatsapp : This version contains all the features that exist in all previous versions, which is the most complete version of all these versions are constantly updated, and you can download Sbwhatsapp free from here


                                         Click here to download OG Whatsapp Direct Link

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