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From here, you can get the download link of WhatsApp Plus that is one of the most important android chat programs and it is a favorite of many WhatsApp users, because it has a lot of additional features about the original WhatsApp  Messenger program. It is possible to chat with friends or make free voice calls Online via WhatsApp  using the blue WhatsApp  hide seen, with the increasing popularity of SBWhatsApp Plus download 2017, WhatsApp  latest download, SBWhatsApp, download SBWhatsApp Plus the latest version hide seen, download SBWhatsApp Plus the latest version, these are the features which it contains. You can hide your last seen with the possibility of seeing the last seen of your friends. You will no longer need to search for the download of SBWhatsApp  Plus 2017 because we will provide you through our Android Arabic Download link of SBWhatsApp  Plus at the end of the Article, where you can download SBWhatsApp  Plus 2017 securely on the mobile.

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WhatsApp Plus for Android:

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Add status feature in SBWhatsApp  latest version:

Recently, the status feature has been added to SBWhatsApp  latest version, where users can add a picture or record a video, add emoticons, write a description of the status, share it with friends, see the following picture.

Status feature in SBWhatsApp  latest version

SBWhatsApp  latest version without a block

At the time when the programs of SBWhatsApp  plus is one of the Android programs 2017 that the user cares to get it, you will no longer need to download SBWhatsApp  Plus 2017, because through SBWhatsApp  latest version without a block, you will not face any problems in the process of registration through your phone number, by sending the verification message, even problems during the chat or even during the voice calls, we will provide you with two copies of the program: The first is compatible with the versions of the old Android and deal with it efficiently and the second version can be used on Modern devices that operate with the new Android and deal with them upon high flexibility and efficiency.

You can download the latest version of  Whatsapp plus for iphone

Abu Saddam Al Rifai and many new features by following up the next topic:
SBWhatsApp’ features Hide Seen:

You will get a variety of features after you get a copy of SBWhatsApp against the block:

  • The ability to hide your own impressions with the last seen for friends.
  • The ability to make free voice calls without any problems.
  • You can get SBWhatsApp free and without a block in which it is available for all old and modern Android devices.
  • You can change the icon color of the program according to the color you prefer.
  • The status of friends can be easily copied and sent to friends.
  • The ability to hide two blue tick, typing tick, typing, and many more.
  • The ability to send and receive pictures, videos, text documents, and share links between friends and within groups easily.
  • The ability to select an icon for notifications when received and customized in a certain color.
  • The ability to add new and distinctive wallpapers from your phone or via SBWhatsApp Plus.
  • SBWhatsApp Program latest version is mainly supporting Arabic excellently.

Get the latest updates from the updated version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, in addition to a full explanation of the following article: WhatsApp Plus Update

Additional settings with WhatsApp Blue Hide Seen

Through SBWhatsApp, you will notice other settings of privacy including:

  • Hide last seen: where the date of your seen is installed and that date does not change, but you can see the last seen of friends on the WhatsApp without affecting the last seen of you.
  • Hide blue tick: where you are after the experience of SBWhatsApp Plus without a block and through this option, the sender will not know if you have read the message or not.
  • Hide second tick: where you can receive messages simply without knowing the sender that the message has reached you.
  • Hide Typing: This option allows you to hide what is being written, write what you want and send the text to the receiver without feeling him. In addition to the possibility of hiding Typing, you can register what you want and send the recorder directly without noticing the receiver.
  • Always connected: By activating this option in SBWhatsApp Plus without block, your status on WhatsApp is always connected even after the WhatsApp program is closed.

Download SBWhatsApp Plus – More Settings via SBWhatsApp Plus to Hide seen

In addition to the privacy settings, there are other settings that you can control by the way that suits you, such as control of the main screen in terms of colors, background and formats, and the conversation screen, which you can control the format, form and the appropriate picture, and control the screen of contacts, screen of calls and more of the other settings that are available to you in the WhatsApp Plus program latest version.

Download SBWhatsApp Plus – More Settings via SBWhatsApp Plus to Hide seen

Important note :

After repeated complaints from WhatsApp users about the many annoying ads in the application, the developer “Abu Arab” released version of WhatsApp Plus is completely free of annoying ads, with all the features and services of WhatsApp without ads. To visit the developer page go to the following link: Abu Arab

Note: You can download the latest version 1.70 on 17/3/2017 from WhatsApp Plus in which it is compatible with the modern Android note 3, 4, Samsung S6 and the old of WA2 green link below. In order to run WhatsApp Plus with two numbers, download the compatible version of all devices from the orange link WA3.

In the case you would like to switch from original WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus without losing the calls on your old Android phone, copy the WhatsApp Plus from the gray WA link.


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