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Download the latest version gbwhatsapp v6.10

Download the latest version Atnfs Hawak gbwhatsapp v6.00

Download GBWhatsapp atnfas hawak the latest version of Android with a direct link, Whatsapp is the definition of the best application chats at all, overcoming a large number of programs such as giant Messenger Facebook and the application of Tango and viber and Emo , has exceeded the number of 1.5 billion active users, So the whatsapp is the best application that everyone is looking for, on today’s theme we will do a job A review of GBWhatsapp v6.00 shows the most important features and features of the program. GBWhatsapp is a modified version of the original version of Whatsapp plus, where one of the developers added new features and features to the application to make it better than the original. It has many great features such as sending large video clips, changing the interface of the program such as changing colors and changing chats backgrounds, as well as availability of ready themes that can be used to change the program’s seen and privacy settings such as hiding the last seen, hiding the read receipts ,And securing chats and lots of wonderful things.

Characteristics of GBWhatsApp: –

If you want to open two Whatsapp accounts or more, only by using multiple versions of GBWhatsapp to run Whatsapp 2 in this topic we provide you 3 different versions of GBWhatsapp and you will find the download links below, if you want to open an account If you want to open more than one account, download version 2 and version 3 and install them on your phone to get more than one account easily, but before you apply the above steps, you must delete the application The original whatsapp is from your device so as not to cause a conflict of data between those applications and the original application.

Features of the new GBWhatsapp v6.00: –

  1. The version is based on the version (2.16.259) available in Google Play.
  2. You can send a 100 megapixel sound clip instead of the default 16 mega size.
  3. Ability to edit photos before sending them to friends.
  4. Ability to send GIF images.
  5. Ability to share and forward messages to more than one user at the same time.
  6. The version is available on the initiator feature.
  7. When you record a video, you can drag your finger up or down to zoom in or out.
  8. The possibility of taking selfie images in the dark through the front flash.
  9. Add option 2.4.10A to change the call button color.
  10. Add Option 2.2.32 to change the color of the contact icon.
  11. Fixed the problem of sending video in some devices.
  12. Fix a white screen when you attach an image to some devices.
  13. Repairs and other improvements.


Features of Whatsapp version Previous version GBWhatsApp 5.90: –

  1. Built on version (2.17.296) available in Google Play.
  2. Recover your messages after they have been sent and will be automatically deleted from all the devices you sent them.
  3. Disable automatic media upload for each chats.
  4. Send a text message or call an unsaved number on your smartphone.
  5. Add a new option (5.5) to send the original quality.
  6. Hide View a specific chat status.
  7. Add a new option with (6.19) to change your video player.
  8. When sending or receiving multiple photos, they will be assembled as an album.
  9. Add option number (6.17) to disable the message counter on the application icon in the desktop.
  10. Add option (6.18) to select the search engine “Giphy Tenor” for the animation.
  11. Ability to search for names by name.
  12. A new call interface design has been added.
  13. Ability to modify scheduled messages after they have been scheduled.
  14. The possibility of a typing situation “text” (status).
  15. Ability to share applications and games from the file manager directly to the whatsapp.
  16. Automatically take a backup copy of messages.
  17. Repair does not work whatsapp log.
  18. Fixed messages are not working on some devices.
  19. Update Spanish and Italian translation and Turkish language support.
  20. Repairs and other improvements.

Information about the GBwhatsapp 2018 program: –

  • Software name: GBwhatsapp.
  • Developed company: gbmods.
  • Program size: 37 MB.
  • License: Fully Free.
  • Compatible systems: Android.
  • Updated: December 2017.

Download GB Whatsapp for all devices: –

Download GBWhatsApp to run a second number that supports Note 4 – 5 & S5 – 6 – 7 and all devices

[Click here to download]

Download Whatsapp Plus + WhatsApp Fix Official Whatsapp Switch Does Not Support Note 4 – 5 & S5 – 6 – 7

[Click here to download]

Download GBWhatsApp 3 to Run Third Number Supports Note 4 – 5 & S5 – 6 – 7 and All Devices

[Click here to download]


Download the latest version gbwhatsapp v6.10
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