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Application WhatsApp Business on Google Store officially

Application WhatsApp Business specialized commercial activities will not only benefit individual users not need you to deal with this version that were not commercial destination marketing, where the application works as an administrator relationships to connect with clients and customers.

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WhatsApp Business

The business classifications of this application are divided into BUSINESS PROFILE and ID. Through this classification, you will be able to identify your business identity, its activity and what it can offer to your customers. This category also shows your e-mail and your website.

The application includes commercial tools for messaging (BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS), such as quick responses to customers and the advantage that you are out of service and cannot communicate with customers responses. As well as with classification statistics for correspondence and supports the application with computer synchronization “WhatsApp Web” for more ease in dealing with commercial campaigns.

We were not able to use the application at this stage or try it and we were unable to activate its work using a US phone number where the rejection and the first phase was exclusively for users of the application in America, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

But it is coming to all countries in the coming period.

Experience the application WhatsApp Business according to your location

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