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A brief summary of the information about Whatsapp Gold Plus Program the latest version

The theme of the Whatsapp Gold Plus program

We all have recently noticed the spread of the modified programs based on the source code of Whatsapp for Mobile, in which many programmers produce modified versions of the Whatsapp program as new features are added, therefore users always download such modified applications which are very different from the original Whatsapp apk. For example, applications such as Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp Blue, OGWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp and others have emerged. As each of these applications has some features, we have the latest version of Whatsapp for Mobile today. It is a new version called Whatsapp Gold Plus or Whatsapp Golden, it is also an application that has been modified to become more beautiful and has features more than the previous versions. The program ” Whatsapp Plus Gold ” contains all the features of the normal Whatsapp for conversations where you can communicate with your friends in typing or group conversations. You can also make free voice calls at no cost with the possibility of sending photos, videos and some attachments in the conversations, so what’s new in the Whatsapp Gold Plus program. and ogyoutube

Whatsapp Gold Plus for Android for Free: –

Whatsapp Gold Plus provides you with a wide range of the key features, one of the most important of them is the ability to hide your appearance on the Whatsapp, in which no one can see that you are in the active mode by removing the word Online, which appears under the name or number when you are connected. As well as, other things didn’t appear below the name such as typing or registrating to maintain the maximum privacy on the Whatsapp program. Of course, Whatsapp Gold provides you with the privacy settings completely, you can control them as you like and you can write your case in any size you want and not limited to a certain number of letters such as the Previous versions of Whatsapp. Also, in addition to the magnificent new theme in gold in which we find Whatsapp gold program interface is dominated by the golden yellow color, which gives a beauty and an excitement to the program.

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Whatsapp Gold Plus Apk for Free the Latest version for Android and iPhone:

Whatsapp program including all its versions as Whatsapp Plus, GB whatsapp or OG whatsapp, supports all Android and IOS smart phones in which Whatsapp Plus is available for free download for Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, tablet and other phones that support systems. You can download the original version of Whatsapp via going to Google Play in which this version is available for free. You can also get all the modified versions of Whatsapp with all versions by clicking here.

* If you want to run the Whatsapp application on your computer, there is more than one way to do it easily in which you can run the program with the various Whatsapp versions for your computer in three different ways. At first, by downloading the Whatsapp program for your computer in free via a direct link or via the page dedicated to the Whatsapp program for your computer. You can access it from your browser, in which it is called Whatsapp Web and finally by using one of the Android operating system simulations on your computer, which enables you to run Android applications such as Whatsapp Gold or Whatsapp Plus on your computer without problems.

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How to run Whatsapp on your computer easily

Whatsapp Gold Plus for Android

The Golden program Whatsapp Gold for Android

Whatsapp Gold Plus program is the latest version

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Features of Whatsapp Gold Plus: –

  • System and Language Support: Whatsapp Gold Plus APK is not different from the basic version of Whatsapp. The application supports all systems including Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry phones, in addition to the devices that running Windows and Mac. You can make sure to support the Whatsapp for your device by going to the official Whatsapp, in which there is a list of devices supported by the application.
  • Privacy: Whatsapp Plus provides you with a great ability to maintain your privacy. As mentioned above, you can hide your activity completely on the Internet so that no one can see your logging in or reading your own message. Privacy can be modified so that no one can See your photo or the case you have written and other features and settings that you will discover yourself when you run “Whatsapp Gold“.
  • Blue Tick: It is an embarrassing feature of Whatsapp which one of your friends may blame you for just sending something to you and opening that message immediately shows that you did it and that makes you forced to respond to them. Now you can hide the blue tick completely so that no one can see if you have read the message or not, but you have to know if you have enabled this feature, you will not be able to see who read your message.
  • Customize application: Whatsapp Gold Plus has a customizable feature that allows you to change colors, backgrounds, font shapes and conversations’ colors, as well as the ability to change the program icon to any icon from a set of icons provided by Whatsapp Plus. You can control them to change the format of the program more accurately.
  • Support and Updates: Whatsapp Gold or Whatsapp Gold Edition is supported by developers and updated with security updates sent to the original Whatsapp program to correct errors and avoid problems that may result from using old versions of “Whatsapp Gold Plus” for Free via a direct link.

This was a quick review of” Whatsapp Gold“. To download more free applications click here.

If you have any problem, please leave a comment below and we will let you know as soon as possible.

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