Download Whatsapp Plus+for iPhone ios (Working) 2018

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Download Whatsapp Plus++ for iPhone ios

Free and without  jailbreak Download Whatsapp Plus for iPhone:

Many users of iPhones are looking to download Whatsapp Plus for iPhone directly without jailbreak, or Whatsapp Plus for iPhone Hide the last seen , in order to get the features contained in Whatsapp ++ application, and Whatsapp Plus for iPhone, is a modified version of the original application for the iPhone, but Added to it some of the wonderful functions and features that enable you to save the status or hide the current typing or change the color of chats and many other tasks, the iPhone operating system imposed on the user of some The hard conditions that reject the presence of third-party applications such as Whatsapp Plus, Instagram Plus, Twitter Plus, but today we offer you this article entitled Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone Whatsapp Plus supports notifications without jailbreak, at the end of the article you find a link to download the program Whatsapp Plus for iPhone Hide the last seen , continue the article and know the features and settings and the loading side.

Download whatsapp Plus iphone direct links:

At the beginning download the Chinese rabbit store “Tutuapp” for iPhone, the latest Arabic version for free and without jailbreak, by pressing the Next button.


After that, you will find links to download Whatsapp Plus in the following table. Simply click on the download buttons and wait a few minutes for the download to complete. Whatsapp Plus supports notifications while working in the background.


Whatsapp plus green Whatsapp plus  Red
++Whats Whats Red
Whatsapp plus Gold Whatsapp plus Silver
Whats Gold Whats Silver

Features of Whatsapp Plus for iPhone:

Whatsapp Plus for iPhone has many features and add-ons, such as that you can hide the time of your seen on the Whatsapp hide now connected to Whatsapp, except that you will get the program and use it to activate another number without affect the original Whatsapp program on your phone, you can Control all add-ons and features by accessing Whatsapp Plus settings, just as in the following image.

Another feature is that you can save your friends’ status on Whatsapp Plus for iPhone. The program gives you an icon that allows you to specify the location of the status in the studio to save, or to save it to Whatsapp Plus media or to share it without having to use a screen shot, just like the  following image.

Another feature is that you can change the color of the bar in the Whatsapp Plus program for iPhone, where you can change the theme color of the program instead of the default green color, through the color settings, choose the color you like to show the Whatsapp Plus program with a new and different look just like the  following image.

Explanation of Whatsapp Plus for iPhone in English:

After you download Whatsapp Plus, and then access it, you find the interface “WA ++ Settings” , so we will explain it to you in pictures in the next lines:

Privacy Settings:

  • Stealth Mode:This feature lets you hide your seen on Whatsapp Plus, where you can hide offline now and of course you will not be able to see the last seen of friends.
  • Disable Read Receipts: The feature of hiding the reading indicator, or as some call it, is to hide the blue bookmark, where you can hide the read indicator of messages in chats.
  • Disable Delivery Receipts: The Hide Message Receive feature, which is similar to the previous feature, where you can hide the indicator of receiving friends messages.
  • .Disable Typing Receipts: Hide feature typing, where you can hide typing index chat with friends via WhatsApp Plus.

Stories options:

  • Manually Mark Stories As Seen: It is a feature of reciting stories as read, where you can select all the stories about your friends and make them read without having to open them one by one.
  • Disable Stories Auto Advance:It is a feature that enables you to prevent automatic display of stories, where you can block automatic progress from running stories in the Whatsapp Plus program for iPhone.
  • Auto Select Highest Quality:It is a feature that allows you to save stories of friends with high quality automatically without reference to you to agree on the type of quality, and choose where to save stories on your iPhone.

Hide seen in WhatsApp Plus iphone feature:Now all iPhone users can access Whatsapp Plus without the need for a jailbreak or even an annual Sign Up, because Whatsapp Plus offers you the capabilities and add-ons that enable you to hide and control your privacy while using Whatsapp Plus, just download whatsapp Plus , And you will be able to activate the feature Hide the last seen, and if you want to activate the notifications in Whatsapp Plus make it works in the background and will get notifications on the go.

Technical details of the program

Program name:Whatsapp  Plus for iPhone

the Producing company:WhatsApp

Compatible with:iOS


Program size:71.22MB

Encounter the program:English

Issue number:2.17.42

Click here to download

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