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October 23, 2019
4.1 and up

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WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original WhatsApp has too many features, and non-existent in the original WhatsApp, you can hide online status, typing and your last seen on the WhatsApp. You can also control WhatsApp in terms of pattern, color, theme and program icon, etc. After the old version of WhatsApp Plus had stopped, we offer you a direct link to download WhatsApp +  latest version for Android and iPhone. We have provided a copy of WhatsApp Plus Gold WhatsApp Plus  for Android devices; it is different from the versions of GBWhatsApp Plus atnfas hoak Omar and WhatsApp Abu Saddam Rifai as a copy of WhatsApp Plus without annoying ads. We also did a version of WhatsApp Plus for iPhone without Gelbrick through the Chinese rabbit store. After updating the latest status for WhatsApp, it has been added save status or story and control it and other features to the new version 4.00. Download links of the latest update for WhatsApp + and all Android and iPhone versions below are directly links.


WhatsApp Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Hide appearance WhatsApp+

 Note: At this time, an update message may appear to the old version or it will stop working as in the picture below after several days or one day:                                                                     

Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone without Gelbrick

Download Whatsapp Plus Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus for iPhone is a modified version of the original WhatsApp program and was impossible to find on Apple’s Store, meaning you can not get a version from WhatsApp + for iPhone without Gelbrick for iPhone. It means losing the device warranty from Apple. In fact there are a lot of tools and programs for Gelbrick owners as Vantom and WhatsApp, etc. In Al Arabi site, as we are always looking for excellence, we came to you today in a 100% sure way to install and download WhatsApp + on your iPhone without Gelbrick! But it requires you to download Tutu Helper store for iPhone firstly. It is a free Chinese store for iPhone and iPad and allows you to download programs and games paid free for iPhone without Gelbrick. To learn how to download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, go to this article that explains the method in detail:

Whatsapp plus for iphone


What did WhatsApp Plus developers add to the original WhatsApp?


What did WhatsApp Plus developers add to the original WhatsApp?

Some people may wonder what is the difference between Blue WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp. The difference between them is the additions or new features that have been added to WhatsApp + by WhatsApp Plus developers on the official WhatsApp application, which are the latest update for WhatsApp 2.17.107 and based on the latest version for the original WhatsApp. It is the final modified version that works against the ban from WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp developers encountered the problem of the appearance of WhatsApp Plus program as a threat in the Android system. This problem has been solved and other problems have been fixed, in which you can hide appearance or the last seen. Also, you can hide properties related to the status and many other additional features. You may notice a slight difference between WhatsApp Plus developers’ versions and we will mention them in this article.

  • Status: Story or status feature has been added. It is similar to Snap Chat stories. Now you can add your own status whether being short video or image, and control who can view and make it private, for example.
  • Hide Last Seen: One of the best features of WhatsApp Plus can be activated through privacy options. It hides the appearance and the date of the day you hid your appearance. It was previously displayed with an old history and that is preferred by users, and you show to everyone offline status (not connected).
  • Hide Second Tick: No sender can see that you received the message and if this option is activated, you can retrieve messages that you have deleted. You must deactivate this option when deleting conversations.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: No sender can see that you read the message but in contrast you see that he read the messages. The blue ticks show you only.
  • Hide Typing: You can hide typing for the other contact of the conversation in the new version and the latest version for WhatsApp Plus.
  • Hide Recording: When recording a track in the Blue WhatsApp, you can hide a message being recorded at the other contact.
  • Two WhatsApp: You can run two versions on one device without a router by downloading WhatsApp 1 and WhatsApp 2.
  • See the status of people without entering the conversation: You can see the status of people whether connected or last seen from the main screen of WhatsApp Plus.
  • Know who visited your profile: Now through WhatsApp, you can know who visited your profile to read your personal status, by activating feature 2.5.
  • Free Video Calls: The feature of Free Video Calls was added to the new WhatsApp Plus 2018 .

Finally, save your WhatsApp story for friends in WhatsApp Plus

Added a feature was waited by everyone after having status feature in the normal WhatsApp, or what is known as WhatsApp story which is a story published by friends on a daily basis. It lasts for 24 hours and then automatically disappears, but some want to keep or save story friends and their features in particular. Unfortunately, it is not available in the normal WhatsApp, but the developer, Abu Arab, has gratefully and exclusively provided this feature in WhatsApp Plus 4.00 Compatible with the market copy No 2.17.107, so you can now save friends’ story easily via the new WhatsApp Wallpaper .

Is WhatsApp Plus secure?

All versions of WhatsApp Plus maintain user privacy, because all conversations and chats with Whatsapp. They are connected to the servers of this company and there is not ability of WhatsApp + developers to afford as much as this data, so on encrypt sent data and messages. As well as if there is an adjustment in the Sending and receiving message path, you may not be able to communicate with the original WhatsApp user.

Features of hiding status and seen in the latest WhatsApp Plus against the ban:

You will find all privacy options as shown below.

WhatsApp Plus free video calls are now available

Finally, you can now make a free video call on WhatsApp Plus. The Blue WhatsApp Plus version was developed to the latest version for the official WhatsApp, which has been officially supported for a voice and video call or a video call. But to make the video call on the new WhatsApp  +, the sender and receiver must have the latest version for WhatsApp plus 4.00 from the version of WhatsApp Plus Abu Arab.

Now, WhatsApp Plus Gold is officially supporting high-quality video communication. It has a very cool sound, so you can make a video call to the WhatsApp (Plus) either by chatting and choosing a friend. When messaging and communication options appear with him/her either by sending a SMS, a voice call, a free video call recently, or via Contacts option. Then a voice call or a video call icon directly appears via WhatsApp Plus. Now download the latest version for WhatsApp Plus and enjoy free video and voice calls with
Parents and friends.

Features of updating new WhatsApp Plus latest version

Features of updating new WhatsApp Plus latest version

  1. update for market version 2.17.107
  2. You can now make video calls in the new WhatsApp
  3. The possibility to send all kinds of files such as programs, compressed files and others.
  4. The possibility to hide any conversation by prolonged pressure and choose and then hide.
  5. You can now send a track up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB.
  6. The Possibility to edit images before sending them.
  7. Fixed message appearance that the program is harmful in previous versions.
  8. You can now download the status in the new WhatsApp
  9. As you can now show the list of names instead of the status as before.
  10. The possibility to send GIF in the new WhatsApp
  11. You can now change color and text of the new status in WhatsApp
  12. You can now share and forward messages to multiple chats at the same time.
  13. Added an advantage to the group creator.
  14. Front light lets you take selfy images in the dark.
  15. The possibility to answer a specific message in any chat, press prolonged, hold any message and click on the Reply icon at the top of the screen (available in the latest version for WhatsApp Plus).
  16. Now you can create a link for your group on WhatsApp and invite your friends to it through the link.
  17. Added an option to disable receiving calls from a particular person, i.e. blocking someone on WhatsApp Plus contact you (through >> conversation information and then specific alerts notifications).
  18. Added chat backgrounds on your WhatsApp (Plus) with a fixed color.
  19. Now the message counter or the number of messages that have arrived on WhatsApp is now shown on the application icon.
  20. Now you can use specific privacy for each conversation (enter conversation information then privacy) and use public privacy together.

Do you have a problem with installing the WhatsApp Plus?

installing the WhatsApp Plus

[su_note]You may have some problems with loading Blue WhatsApp for Android or installing WhatsApp (plus) Gold on your Android device, specifically for Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 or modern devices such as Note 6, 5 as:[/su_note]

  1. Unable to install WhatsApp plus program on the device can be solved by deleting the previous version of (WhatsApp plus) and restart device, then try again to install WhatsApp + with considering the version that compatible with your device. Read the note below.
  2. The problem of unable to open the WhatsApp that if you do not get the new Blue WhatsApp version, you can update it from download link below to get the latest version for WhatsApp Plus.
  3. If the problem continued in unable to install WhatsApp + Abu Arab, enter your device and delete the following files WhatsApp or whatsapp2plus, then restart install again but in this case you will not be able to retrieve the previous conversations.
  4. Error parsing the package: Make sure your device type must support the android system and then delete Blue WhatsApp and original WhatsApp if you have.
  5. Fixed downloading: If you have a problem with downloading Blue WhatsApp from Mediafire, use a different browser such as Firefox or default Android browser.
  6. If you have a problem with pictures, previewing pictures and uploading them in Blue WhatsApp, the solution is as follows: Make sure the following: Go to the top menu – settings – using data >> Adjust settings as follows:
  • While using mobile data >> pictures
  • While connecting to Wi-Fi >> All media
    While roaming >> No media

Download whatsapp plus apk

Download gbwhatsapp apk

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