How To Block/Disable WhatsApp Calls

9 Oct, 2017 admin 2 Comments

The method and purpose is summarized by the new application “Disable Whatsapp Calls” and its method of disabling the voice calls option through the Whatsapp application and to automatically turn it into a normal call from trying to call through the Whatsapp.

Many users, despite the long wait for this service to their preferred application, they do not completely rely on it and are no longer interested in the idea of calling through the application to poor voice in some cases because some Arab countries have blocked this service from users of the application, so the call button is just a button of no benefit.

Today, our application is new in its concept as it re-assigns the call button to Whatsapp application in order to switch the call to a normal call when it is used. It will also switch the incoming call via Whatsapp application to a normal call “it will attempt to do so, switching the incoming calls under experiment by the developer and it is successful on some phones.”

Download Whatsapp Calls application from Google Play Store

When you install the application, you shall activate its Notification Access function as described here and activate the Notification option from the Global Prefrences application settings.




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    how download WhatsApp plus

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