How to change whatsapp theme

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How do I change the font in WhatsApp?

How do I change the theme in WhatsApp?

There are still millions of users who are not interested in adventure or experience when there is a margin of risk, this is the case today with Whatsapp application and its modified and developed applications, and even improved, in both forms, contents, of the formal application and superior to it and many of the advantages added to the application with its virtual characteristics.

We appreciate their commitment to the main source of application and any application, but here we tend to refer to that margin and excessive risk when using a modified application of Whatsapp,

In practice, there is no longer that risk with the skills of developers develop, modify, and add, it is no longer possible for Whatsapp technicians to catch up with these improved applications or to catch and discover them. I understand them now as if they were official applications after the Anti-Ban code proved effective in protecting app version from the eyes of official Whatsapp.

Changing the color and format of the Whatsapp is the most important feature in the modified Whatsapp applications

Dozens of advantages added to the modified Whatsapp, all required and important, but the first advantage from our point of view, is to change the typical format, which the management of Whatsapp did not try to change since the launch of the first version of the application for years !!

The green color prevails over the application design, we think the time has now come to change it or at least that Whatsapp provides the feature of control of form and color.

For our part, we have written about many modified Whatsapp applications in the variety of developers of these versions and releases. We’ve always said GBWhatsApp, specifically the FOUAD WHATSAPP version, which includes all the features in which all the application developers have come to expect.

Versions of  GbWhatsApp Themes include the latest features and keep track of all the official application versions with features in which Whatsapp management work add to the latest available on Google Play app store.

We have always referred to the GBWhatsApp version, which can be installed alongside the official application without interfering with them. It can even be activated by another phone number, whether this number is a real local or an American one.

On the other hand, we refer to multiple and different ways to get free and a US phone number temporary or permanent.

Going back to how to change the Whatsapp color and form, you’ll find that you have multiple options to get to.

The first method to do a routine for the phone, it is not favored by many users, where, and by, you will be able to modify the official Whatsapp itself, control the color and change what you wish.

The second method relies entirely on the use of modified Whatsapp applications. Both those that will replace the official application or those that are installed alongside it.

Of course, we prefer the second method, which does not require a lot of skill, it is enough to download any of the modern modified application versions and activate its effect with your phone number.

To be able to set up an application that is completely different from the official application, you can access the theme store in which you will discover that you will move forward to a new world of aesthetic design that has been absent for years.

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The theme store is multi-source in its content. Therefore, we have referred to the Versions developed by FOUAD WHATSAPP. In these stores, you will find designs that are very beauty and wonder, and the same versions are identical to all the features of the official application with an addition of all new.

Thereon, do not hesitate to visit the modified Whatsapp versions on the following link:

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