How to Know if You are Blocked on WhatsApp

1 Oct, 2017 Emad Mosaad No Comments

How to Know if You are Blocked on WhatsApp

Whatsapp App. has become very popular among the social applications available on the phone platforms in terms of the number of users and especially when Facebook acquired in 2014, and even though the application got a bad evaluation in terms of protecting the privacy of users, but it provides some options in order to control the privacy settings, including the ability to block the user of any of the contacts saved, such as Facebook, but with a simple difference in which you are not able to know the person who has been blocked and there is no means to allow so. While there are signs that you noticed on the person you think that he has banned you, you must make sure, let us review them with you.

1- Check last seen “Last Seen”

Last seen is a feature in the application that allows you to know the last time when the person opened Whatsapp. It shows the person’s lowest name after entering the conversation. If this person has blocked you, you will not be able to see his last seen, even though he was already seen, but let me tell you that it is certainly not the person has already blocked you, this person may have deactivated his last seen display. There is an option in the privacy settings that allows him to do so.

2- Check the completion mark of the message

You can also send a message to the person you believe he has blocked you, and note the mark “?” after sending in which it is next to the message, it should be double, i.e, there are two marks of “??”. It means that the message has already reached the recipient and this confirms that he does not block you, but if you see a “?” This may be because you have been blocked but also do not trust this way. Sometimes your friend may have deleted and removed the application from his phone or changed his or her phone number. In both cases, you’ll see one mark of “?”, when sending any message to him.

3- Check profile

You should also note the changes in your friend profile which alleges that he has blocked you. If you do not see his or her profile, this person may have already blocked you, because he was already seen to you. It is very important that Whatsapp application allows the user within the privacy settings to hide both the profile and the status from appearing to others.

4- Make a phone call with that person

This is another indication that this person has blocked you from their contacts, try to make a phone call with this person via Whatsapp. You will notice that he is connecting without problems but when you recall more than once uselessly, it means that the person did not receive a call notification and that he or she has blocked you.


5- Try adding that person in a group


Another step also tells you that this person has blocked you on Whatsapp application. It is to add this person to a chat group on the application. You can simply create a new group by clicking on the menu button in the phone after opening the application, then click the New group option from the menu that will appear, you will then have to enter the person’s name for the group, write what you want and then click Next. Second, you will specify the people you want to add to the group. Enter the name of this person and click Create. Now you should see an error message, as shown above. You shall know that he has no doubt blocked you.


In short: If you think that someone is blocking you from the Whatsapp plus application, you are only able to verify this in one case, by matching all the signs you see above with that person. When you do not see his/ her last seen and profile, you are not able to add them to a group or make a call with him, all of which are signs to confirm that the person has blocked you.

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