How to save or convert WhatsApp Conversation as a text file

15 Oct, 2017 Emad Mosaad 1 Comment

Everyone is using Whatsapp in order to chat with friends, either through the phone or even through the Whatsapp on the computer, although the spread of chat applications on phones and computer, but Whatsapp occupies a prominent position in the use of most users. Since the conversations sometimes have a place among the public in terms of memories and others, you can today, and through what we will review from a special way, easily take a backup in a text file through a feature within the Whatsapp is unknown to most users. So you can return at any time to this text file in order to read the full conversation and browse with ease and smooth, Let us begin to review the way.

Now, enter your Whatsapp and press Settings in the application, then press the Chats and Calls option.

Now, press on Chat history and press on “Email Chat”, then press on the conversation you want from the list.

And now you press on “without media or attach media” as you want in terms of embedding media files, whether images or videos or not. Then press on Gmail. After that you press on the three dots horizontally and select “Save Draft” to save the draft to the Gmail.

Now login to the Gmail either from the phone or from your computer, then to drafts, enter the drafts above and press on the download of the text file within the email, which contains the conversation in the form of a text file.

Now, you can download all your conversations one by one in a quick and easy way and keep them as well. It is easier to read them completely without waiting until you download the entire conversation online and read it, which makes it very tired for you. Also, if you want to find a specific phrase, you can search it easily within the text file.

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