how to use 2 whatsapp in dual sim phone

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With this modified application version to the developer, Abu Saddam Al-Rifai, you can now run 4 Whatsapp numbers at the same time and on one phone without problems. The applications herein are prepared by the developer himself and the method presented here is transferred from him.

WhatsApp version Abu Saddam is based on version 2.12.45 and from its features:

Run over one Whatsapp.
Support voice calls.
Hide last seen feature.
Privacy options (hide last seen + blue tick + two ticks).
Statistics feature for groups.
Preview media without uploading.
Possibility of hiding name and date when copying two or more messages.
Possibility of copying the case.
Possibility of taking a backup copy of the entire data and retrieval.
Copies of Abu Saddam are considered to be three copies + the official version or Whatsapp Plus = 4 copies.

How to install 4 copies of Whatsapp

First, you shall delete the Clean Master program and delete any anti – virus program or the programs of cleaning your phone in order to ensure the integrity of the installation process and that these applications may delete the entire folder of Whatsapp after the implementation of the uninstall option, it is a folder that must remain without deletion.

If you are using Whatsapp Plus on an old phone number and want to preserve it, follow these steps:
1- Log in to the application, switch to Settings and backup the data ” Backup”.
2- Go to Application Manager and un-install Whatsapp “Uninstall”.
“For users of Note 4 or S6 phones, you can use the option of forced shutdown and scan data instead of the uninstall option”
3- Go using the “My Files” application or one of the file browsers, rename to the Whatsapp folder and change it to mywhatsapp.

Install the second number

1- Download and install the official Whatsapp application from Google Play store or from the official Whatsapp site latest versions, and use your second number to activate the official Whatsapp.
2- Use the application to send a text or video message or call through the application of a friend, enter into the application settings and then chat settings and make a backup of the conversations.
3- Go to the application manager, then apply the official Whatsapp and work to remove it by uninstall.
4- Now download and install WhatsApp2, then press the button to copy the Whatsapp data at the bottom of the window.
5- Activate your second number here, which you used with the official Whatsapp and restore the conversations.

Install the third number

1- Once again, work on the installation of the official Whatsapp that you have already downloaded and no need to repeat the download process if you do this from the official Whatsapp site where you will find the APK file in the Downloads folder.
2- After installing it activate the third number.
3- Reconnect with any friends, then access settings and back up conversations.
4- Enter into the Application Manager to uninstall the application.
5- Now. download and install the WhatsApp3 application and press as you did in the previous step on the Copy Whatsapp Data button.
6- Do not forget to activate your third number here and then restore the conversations.
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Install the fourth number

You shall repeat the previous download of the official Whatsapp, then activate the fourth number on it, save a backup copy of the conversations and then delete the application.
Download and install the WhatsApp4 application, press the button to copy your data and activate your fourth number.

Here, you will find that you have three applications, including WhatsApp2, WhatsApp3 and WhatsApp4, and to be able to retrieve and run Whatsapp Plus:

1 – Enter into my files program on mywhatsapp folder and rename the folder to whatsapp by deleting the word my.
2 – Install Whatsapp Plus and press on the option (Abu Saddam Al-Rifai – data recovery)

You now have four applications
WhatsApp WhatsApp2 WhatsApp3 WhatsApp4

Download links from the developer site

Download WhatsApp2
Download WhatsApp3
Download WhatsApp4

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