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MxPlayer pro : is the best multimedia player for PC and phone. The MX Player 2018 is great for watching videos and multimedia on mobile and Windows. Featuring a professional design and features with a full screen feature that allows you to watch clips and tapes in full screen, without appearing icons and menus, the most popular MxPlayer player has become a powerful competitor to the old PC program.

MxPlayer provides many features, and supports many formats that work well on the favorite reader MxPlayer especially MP4 and supports the various qualities that are well appear on the phone especially 1080P which is HD, and can be used as an alternative to the default reader on Android devices and IPhone or iPad, and you can watch your camera’s recordings and personal videos through it.

MxPlayer best media player for computer and phone

For computers there are hundreds of video player program that differ in characteristics and advantages, but users are often less than the simplicity of design and high efficiency in services, has been the beginning of the famous program Real Player before declining significantly, especially with the advantage that was available to them It is the download of audio videos, but once the use of the Internet Download Manager re-users of Real Player.

Then come the VLC program, which is one of the most popular multimedia programs, and it still has millions of users around the world. It supports many of the live broadcasts, especially on live TV and it depends a lot of the site watching TV on computer, also available for Android devices, it is a fully free, open source program that is being development by many people for free.

The phones are still a lot depends on the weak default player, whether on Android or mobile iPhone and iPad, and no one can deny that it is very weak and bad design and does not Suitable for the level reached by smart phones, so users are on the alternative player to watch videos on the mobile professional high And great quality.

Download MX Player Pro

AppMX Player Pro
Size15 MB
InstallsI Million +
CategoryVideo Player
AuthorJ2 Interactive
Required OSAndroid 2.3 +
Last UpdatedDec 2018

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Properties “MxPlayer” Media Reader Professional Program for the year 2018

There is no doubt that we all use one of the media players, either on the computer or phone, but often depends on many of the users on the default programs dependent on Windows depends on Windows Player, which is bad and does not support the running of many formats and files, and slow to open long video recordings.

Therefore, relying on other programs will be great options and can be finding many of them, but you can try MxPlayer, which has become a target for users of mobile and Windows devices and perhaps even the Mac, has achieved great popularity on the mobile before being put The computer has great requests and questions about its copy.

You can use MxPlayer to play various popular video formats: MP4, AVI, 3GP, and many other formats. DVD and VCD, And allows full screen feature and remove all menus and icons and video capture in full screen, To raise the sound, you can only remove the finger to the top, and to make the video you can shift left or right to go back.

If you can rely on the independent translation that is installed on movies and programs, the program provides the option of coordinating the translation, by controlling the type of font and size, especially in status where the font does not appear well, and is the best video player to watch the translated video.

The MX Player has a very cool design, and all the icons and buttons in the background are provided to provide more space in the screen for video viewing, easy to use and very fast playing video clips of high quality and size.

MxPlayer supports most popular playing formats

To get a professional media player that requires experience, let’s put you in the right chosen – MxPlayer, which supports most popular playing formats, users can play videos with a new appear that is different from conventional players.

Unfortunately, MX Player for a computer that is running Windows running system Windows 10 and 8 with only regret is available, so being available on the Windows Store, and it can also be run on the Lomia mobile phone which runs on the system Windows Phone. The reader may soon be provided with different running systems.

MX Player is available for Android and it is the most successful system in recent years. It may be able to topple the various old running systems on phones, especially Windows Phone, which has not achieved the desired success, and can download the program through the Play Store virtual or one of the other stores Mobogenie Market APK.

As for the Apple phones, the copy of which we place not sure it is the original version, we do not know if it was originally available for phones Apple Player reader, but after all we found the name MX Video Player and may be the same, and can be downloaded through the link on the iTunes store for smart phones iPhone and iPad.

Numbers and statistics MX Player program latest version 2018

Of the programs that received a great success on the virtual stores for Mobile and also for the computer are media players, Where there are programs that surpass the games and applications in millions of users around the world, or MX Player There is characterized by design and features encourage users to try an alternative to default on the Android phone.

MxPlayer exceeded the number of users 100 million only on the Android mobile phone as Samsung Galaxy, Nexus and Xperia, which is a very large number, and because of its wonderment and provide the installation of translation and support of several versions, while comments evaluation on Google Play exceeded 5 million and 800 thousand around the world according to statistics Store.

It may be a number for the computer version of the convergence of something that indicates the wonderment of the program, which liked users, and encouraged them to transfer between friends or share through the application of SHAREit and others.

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Technical information about MX player 2018

Program name: MX Player

Developer Company: mxvpen

Program Size: By device type

License: Fully Free

Compatible systems: Windows, Android

Date of update: 26 October 2017

Mx Video Player for iPhone

Mx Player for Android or Mx for Windows 8 and 10 and Windows phone.

Download MX Player Pro